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06.01.06 - Uwe Boll: Metal Gear Solid
This is surreal, okay I'm no fan of the games, but i know a lot of people are. How could the director of MGS games allow this? He's normally a complete pimp about MGS.

Anyway read on for some more info
B-D reporter Hunter Daniels was on location with Spooky Dan at the Red Carpet Premiere for Romar Entertainment's BloodRayne (review), which is now in theaters everywhere. At the event Hunter grabbed director Uwe Boll for a mini interview about his film, which will find its way online later tonight. In the interview Uwe broke the news to B-D that he may direct a feature film adaptation of the popular video game Metal Gear Solid, and also told us that In the Name of the King (Dungeon Siege) will be released as one single movie, and not split in two like originally rumored. You can find all of the details inside...

Hunter Daniels : In the Name of the King, is that still being planned as a 2 film release?

Dr. Boll: no, we do a movie for theaters, and then we had a longer one for DVD. Like, we have a theater version that is 150 minutes and a 190 minute DVD.

Hunter Daniels : So it is definitely not two parts as you had earlier said?

Dr. Boll No, we saw that it was too long to release as one film in theaters…but this is a good movie. I think that Bloodrayne is a good genre movie. It’s fast it’s bloody it’s gory it moves forward but its not…like…great in a way. Dungeon Siege gets you. Its emotional, the story is good, the characters are good…it really gets you. It’s over 2 ½ hours and its exciting and heart breaking.

On Bloodrayne, for me the most important thing was not to do it like Underworld. Where in underworld, Kate Beckinsale…she would never ****, or suck blood out of people, even if she is a vampire, which is a little absurd. Kristanna Loken is sexy, she is dirty, and she kills people, and it is different. A major company would never make that…it is too disturbing. And the budget is 19 million.

(Someone walked up and asked Dr. Boll about Half life)

Dr. Boll Now people are coming to me with metal gear solid. They wrote a script, and Konami basically paid these people to write it. And I hope that Metal Gear Solid will be working.

Hunter Daniels : Do you want to do make Metal Gear Solid?

Dr. Boll: yea, absolutely. And especially with the Doom situation. I think we could do it a lot better…its one of the top five of all time.

Hunter Daniels : Are you shooting Postal next, or Far cry?

Dr. Boll Postal is next. Far cry is next spring because it is a whole…um, like if you shoot in Thailand you cannot shoot in summer. So you either have to shoot in winter or you have to been finished in April. So we moved it to early next year.

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Section: [Movies] Source URL: [Bloody-Disgusting] Comments: [Post Comment] Author: spudthedestroyer on Fri Jan 06, 2006 8:24 pm
Title: Boll speaks

but its not…like…great in a way
Well its good to see he can actually talk frankly and honestly about his films these days hehe, now onto the subject at hand

it doesnt suprise me at all to hear uwe boll is taking yet another gaming franchise to hell and back.... well one way at least, but hes also doin bloodrayne, far cry, and dungeon siege? what a pillock
Author: [maxpayne2409] on Sat Jan 07, 2006 10:32 pm

Title: yup...

I believe "fans" of this movie will await for the TeleSync version, and the the DVD.....

...just my 2 cents Razz
Author: [vtwin0001] on Mon Jan 09, 2006 3:42 am

Title: lol


its weird how he actually makes money though. Messed up, i don't understand how.
Author: [spudthedestroyer] on Mon Jan 09, 2006 2:55 pm

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